Senior woman wearing big sunglasses doing funky action isolated

What would our society be like if we could embrace our aging in every aspect of its nature, instead of fighting to hold onto the elusive vestiges of our youth?

Our new-found longevity should be an opportunity for celebration rather than a rant about wanting to look as young as we feel. Let’s learn to embrace the positive aspects of age – wisdom, creativity, understanding, and compassion. Let’s combat ageism with acceptance, dignity, and roll modeling.


    Can we find beauty and grace in the later stages of life?

    Can we learn to appreciate the effort that our bodies
    have made for decades to keep us alive?

    Can we acknowledge the contributions that we still have to make?


It is no easy task to move into, embrace and thrive in the Third Age. Let’s honor the struggles of our bodies, not berate ourselves for the reality of use, abuse, neglect and sloth. Then we can navigate with our whole being to age with grace and dignity.

But most importantly, OurAging is about how we see ourselves and therefore what we do in our own lives to honor the journey, the gains, the losses and the continuing challenges.

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