OurAging will enable your Corporate Healthcare or Care Management company to develop, improve, and quality assure your care management program(s).

In our changing healthcare environment, as a result of the Affordable Care Act, companies have the opportunity to improve health outcomes while reducing the cost of service delivery.

This is accomplished through the development of an inter-professional team that includes Care Managers. This team extends the reach of the physician into the home and to assure adherence to the physician’s plan of care.

OurAging is expert

      • in creating person-centered in home programs that comply with healthcare regimens while adjusting to the lifestyle, preferences and needs of the care recipient.

OurAging is expert in enabling and empowering paid caregivers to assure supportive relationships with the client system, reduce risk and monitor changes in status that require the input of a licensed health provider.

OurAging is expert in assuring access to primary care to avert preventable crisis and reduce emergency room use and re-hospitalizations.

OurAging is expert in integrating the use of private and public resources to create the maximum social supports that complement the healthcare services.

Care Managers are economically feasible alternatives to high cost use of unnecessary and preventable services by meeting the hierarchical needs of care recipients and empowering family caregivers.

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