Caring for an older adult or someone with a chronic health care need can be challenging and overwhelming. OurAging is here to help you as the caregiver provide the best support possible by providing checklists and resources. (Check “My Own Aging” for additional resources about caring for the caregiver)

Below are checklists we have created to help you organize the care needs of your loved one. By being comprehensive in scope it is anticipated that some of your stress will be alleviated. Being well informed can also help you to anticipate needs and supervise others who may be helping with caregiving activities.

Forms and Useful Checklists

    Home Environment Checklist
      This checklist is for you to use as you walk through the home of your loved one or care recipient. The home environment can provide safety, security and a sense of well-being or it can be dangerous and a barrier to health. This check list will help you to identify common problems that can be easily fixed to assure safety. Some of these barriers may be simple changes that will help the person to manage better and remain in their own home longer. Simple items such as improved lighting, grab bars, and removal of obstacles will make the home a better place to live securely. Click here … Home Environment Checklist
    Moving Checklist
      Moving is a very stressful time for anyone. It is even more challenging for someone with cognitive changes or health care needs. Moving takes a physical and emotional toll on everyone. This list is to help you organize and plan the move in a thorough manner. Click here … Moving Checklist
    Medication Management Record Form
      Medication errors may result in problems managing health issues, increased emergency room visits, increased hospitalizations, falls and other safety issues.

      For these reasons managing complex medication routines is critically important to good health and less stress for caregivers.

      The documents here include a:

      Use the Report Form in the manner described in the Tips sheet and you will have fewer crises related to medications.

You can also copy these forms and take them to ALL physician appointments to assure that your primary care doctor and all specialists have the same and complete record of your medications. This will help to eliminate duplicate prescribing and medications that don’t work well together.