OurAging helps professional caregivers…

        • Enhance caregiving skills to reduce turnover
        • Learn team work approaches to care management
        • Get tips on handling specific problem behaviors
        • Learn when and how to access the resources of their employer
        • Learn skills to create more valuable employees

OurAging training sessions are customized to address your particular challenges with on-site or distance learning programs.

Based upon the concierge level services and peer support program developed at Rona Bartelstone Associates, OurAging has tools and techniques that enhance the skills of caregiving staff to the advantage of care recipients, staff and improved return on investment.

Results oriented trainings are customized to meet your specific needs and challenges to create world class caregivers.

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    Corporations and Professionals:

      Programs for Healthcare Professionals:
    • Transitions of Care: The Key to Avoiding Re-hospitalization, while Improving Health Outcomes and the Bottom Line
    • Creating Person-Centered Teams: For Patient and Caregiver Engagement
    • The Patient is NOT the Diagnosis: Getting to Holistic Care in the Medical Model
    • Balancing Institutional Needs with Improved Health Outcomes

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      Programs for Care Managers:

    • Adapting Care Management to Meet the Needs of the Affordable Care Act
    • Client Engagement: Earning the Trust you will Need
    • Another Assessment? I Don’t Need Someone to Assess Me, I Need Someone to Tell Me What To Do
    • Care Planning is a Process, Not a Task: Keeping the Client Stable over Time
    • Care Management as a Family Systems Approach
    • Working with Challenging Families
    • Resistance: It can be a Strength, Not a Problem
    • When the Professional Caregiver Becomes a Family Caregiver: Really?
    • Using Humor: Gaining Commitment to Collaboration

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      Programs for Financial Services Professionals:

    • Preparing Your Business to Adapt to the Needs of Boomers
    • Risk Management: Avoiding Liability because of Changes in Client Cognition
    • What to Do When Client Health Issues Threaten Your Practice
    • Helping Clients to Understand Long Term Care Costs
    • Planning To Maintain Lifetime Independence: How to Stay in Control
    • Expand Your Professional Network: Working with Care Managers

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    Programs for Paid Caregivers (LPNs; CNAs HHAs):

    • Walking into a Stranger’s Home: How to Gain Acceptance
    • Learning to Work with Family Members and Other Professional Caregivers
    • Grief & Mourning in Times of Loss: Losing Clients without Losing Yourself
    • Asking Questions: It’s a Sign of Strength, Not a Weakness
    • Coping with Memory Loss
    • Coping with Challenging Behaviors
    • Working in a Kosher Home: What Do I Need to Know To Succeed?

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    Programs for Families:

    • Starting the Talk: Caregiving & End of Life Issues
    • Long Distance Caregiving: What’s a Child to Do?
    • Caregiving in the Home: Where Most People Wish to Grow Old
    • Safety in the Home: Adapting for Changing Needs
    • Hiring Caregivers: Private Hire or Agency Personnel
    • Working with a Care Manager: A What?
    • When to Think About Placement
    • Staying Involved After Placement: How to Create a Positive Experience
    • Coping with Memory Loss
    • Learning to Work with Siblings around Caregiving
    • Giving Care without Losing Yourself: Care for the Caregiver
    • Setting Appropriate Boundaries
    • Turning Burdens Into Blessings: Getting the Best out of Caregiving
    • Making the Most of the Holidays: Time of Joy, Time of Sorrow
    • Planning for Maintaining Independence in Later Life: Maintaining Control
    (Note: Support Groups for Families are also Available)

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