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OurAging provides professionals and families with the best consulting, resources and training. With over 35 years of professional care management experience, and many years of family caregiving, OurAging is the expert on effective caregiving and care management.

    OurAging, LLC provides solutions to:

      OurAging advances:

          • Improved health outcomes
          • Financial efficiency
          • Reduced re-hospitalizations
          • Population health
          • Consumer engagement
          • Inter-professional teams of caregivers
          • Professionalism among paid caregivers
          • Access to primary care

      Training and Supervision for Professionals and Paraprofessionals ensures:

          • Team approaches to care
          • Superior staffing and reduced turnover
          • A community of caring that facilitates holistic person-centered care

      For Family Caregivers, OurAging provides:

          • FREE
            • Guides
            • Checklists, and
            • Problem solving guides to common concerns

      For Baby Boomers and those approaching later life, “My Own Aging” provides guidance and direction for…
        Making the most of our new found longevity to:
          • Create meaning
          • Facilitate engagement
          • Healthy lifestyles
          • “Refirement” – re-energizing with interests and activities that help us make the most of our experience, wisdom and curiosity.

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